EMS20A EMF Protection Mesh

Screening Mesh for protection against radiation in frequency rage between 100MHz and 10GHz. The price is per linear foot.

Product Description

EMS20A EMF Protection Screening mesh is used for wall render and concrete for protection against RF and LF electric fields in frequencies  raging froom 100MHz to 10GHz.  The EMF Protection Screening mesh is permeable to air, rot resistant and frost proof. It is also foldable, paintable  and can be used to replace standard reinforcement fabric to save costs. Specifically designed for easy handling even for the amateur. Is used for shielding against radiation coming from radio, TV, WLAN,Microwave, Bluetooth, WiFi and other similar sources.

The price is per linear foot.

EMF Protection Screening Mesh Features:

  • Shielding: RF & LF electric fields
  • Frequency range: 100MHz to 10GHz
  • Damping (dB):20dB
  • Damping (%): 99%
  • Screening material:Stainless steel
  • Carrier material:Fiberglass
  • Color: black
  • Width: 1m
  • Thickness:0,5mm
  • Available Length: 10m
  • Mesh size:approx. 5mm
  • Weight: approx. 200g/m²
  • Quality standard:TÜV CERT according to ISO 9001